Submission Guidelines

Cast Macabre is now reading for season one for the show's long-awaited relaunch after a long hiatus. There is an eclectic mix of stories in our archive at from back when the show ran a non-stop regular weekly schedule. 

Now we are relaunching on a seasonal basis, with twelve episodes per season. For each season we will looking for stories that fit a more specific theme, albeit one still open to interpretation. For more details please read the category submission guidelines at our submissions system page here:

Our current going-rate for stories is £10, and though we would dearly like to pay you more (like, pro-rates!) we are still trying to grow this market. There is quite an ardent fan-base waiting for the show's return, however, so you can expect your story to get a good and eager audience. We encourage listener feedback on our forums, and are looking to post the text of stories on the site, and to create ebooks. Because we are trying to raise funds, we do ask for quite a few rights, but we will always play fair and discuss how we plan to use your story with you if you get on the show.