Friday, 30 October 2015

CM47 - The Little Girl Who Lived in the Woods by Ralph Robert Moore

Read by Rish Outfield

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It's been too long. We may materialise into existence like Brigadoon from time to time. This episode is in honour of Halloween 2015, a full 2 years since episode 46, or a full 2 seconds if you're a new listener. The episode is also in honour of the author, for his patience, and for the narrators and their wonderful contribution. The story this episode is read by old friend of the show Rish Outfield, with voices supplied by Marguerite Kenner, Renee Chambliss, and Big Anklevich. This one is NOT for the faint-hearted and contains scenes some listeners may find disturbing. I'll throw an explicit warning in for good measure and say simple, now, we have a tale to tell ...


I like to think the ghostly apparition of the girl in the bed can be explained as a psychological manifestation of Cory's guilt. I do not believe it is necessary to invoke the supernatural in order to inspire fear or highlight evil. This tale explores some of the worst actions imaginable that humans can take against others; actions in direct contravention of the best aspects of human nature; to care for, support, and to love others. At Halloween we think of monsters, ghosts, and all things otherworldy, but true evil all too human. This tale also warns that revenge perpetuates the cycle of evil. Only forgiveness can break the cycle, and forgiveness requires that we take responsibility for our actions and don't excuse wrongdoing in ourselves by blaming others who have done wrong to us. Again, you don't need to invoke the supernatural for any of that.