Friday, 17 December 2010

CM27 - Metastasis by Nathaniel Lee

Read by Barry J. Northern

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Show Notes

Nathaniel's work has appeared recently in PodCastle episode 132, where his story, "Fetch", won first prize in their Flash Fiction Contest Extravaganza, and he has had featured no less than six 100-word drabbles at the Drabblecast, making him their most-drabbled author!

For help or advice about dealing with cancer, or to donate to a much more worthy cause than this podcast, visit Cancer Research UK.

Music provided by Mevio at Music Alley

All background music this week is by 1000psi, tracks Death, Decay, and Background.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

CM Sof6 Recipes by Lavie Tidhar

Read by Graeme Dunlop

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Show Notes

During World War II, 1939 to 1945, following a programme of systematic state-sponsored extermination by Nazi Germany, two-thirds of the population of nine million Jews who had resided in Europe before the Holocaust were killed.

I know of no greater horror.

Music this week by Laeto, from their album, Laeto III, free to download from their website,
The first album track, Dead Planets, plays behind the story, and we play out with the last, Mount Black Prince.