Thursday, 25 November 2010

CM26 - The Gravedigger by Stephen Owen

Read by Barry J. Northern

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Show Notes

Warning: This week's story is especially explicit.

Stephen lives and works as a sign maker in the UK. His interest in writing stories began in the late nineties when he started writing for the school nursery his children attended. When teachers advised him to think seriously about taking it further, he took a crash course in
evening classes to find out what he really wanted to write about. He hasn't written a child's story since. Previous works have been published in Thirteen, Dark of Night, Albedo One, Doorways, Demon Minds, the Wicked Stories website, Pseudopod, Necrography, Nossa Morte and Necrotic Tissue.

Music provided by Mevio at Music Alley

Empty Box by Al Phlipp and The Woo Team
Calculated Emptyness by compl33t

Friday, 19 November 2010

CM25 - Lovecraftiness

Read & Hosted by Paul Newman

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Two classic stories from H. P. Lovecraft, Ex Oblivione and Nyarathlotep.

Show Notes

Many, many thanks to Paul Newman for stepping in this week and allowing us to bring you an episode when Barry's voice wasn't up to the job. He's done a sterling job, and we just know you're all going to enjoy this one.

This week we're teaming up with Reading Libraries and their H. P. Lovecraft event, Weird Winter Tales.

Background music, The Spirit of Saint Mary by Chris Lambert of Music for Zombies, a musician from Reading who has written music specifically for the event.

Also features Portico, Paul Newman's track from Passing Fayre -- see you knew you'd heard him before -- he provided the poem "Death Is Before Me Now" at the start of Episode 19a

Closing track, Isis Unveiled by Damh the Bard.

Friday, 12 November 2010

CM24 - A G. O. Clark Collection

Read by Barry J. Northern, Pamila Payne, and Bob Eccles.

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Show Notes

Check out G. O. Clark's work here

Special thanks once again to Pamila Payne and to new voice, Bob Eccles, for their superb narration this week.

Tracks The Instant and The Shining Hours from The Far Stairs

Closing song, Iambrlycrn by Paul Newman from his album, Passing Fayre

Additional music from Music Alley

Hydraulic Fuck Out by Make-Overs
Requiem by Fariborz Lachini

Friday, 5 November 2010

Sof5 Night Sortie by Edgar Arthurs

Read by Barry J. Northern

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Show Notes

Tracks Love Theme #85 and Murmur from The Far Stairs
Sound effects from the Freesound Project