Saturday, 30 October 2010

CM23 - Out and Back by Barbara Roden

Read by Barry J. Northern

Allan played by Big Anklevich from Dunesteef
Linda (and the woman) played by Julie Hoverson from 19 Nocturne Boulevarde

Click to play or download the MP3.

Show Notes

Find all about Mammoth Book of Best New Horror editor, Stephen Jones.
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Discover more about Barbara Roden, and her work as an editor, as well as an authour, by clicking her name for her blog and visiting her home page.

Music provided by Mevio at Music Alley

Beyond the Clouds by Alexandre Falcao
Story of a Boy by 2012

Sound effects from the Freesound Project

Special thanks to Rish Outfield for his assistance to Big Anklevich whilst recording the part of Allan, and to Jesse Livingstone and her band, The Far Stairs, for their donation of music.