Saturday, 25 September 2010

CM18 - A Little Nest Egg by Ken Goldman

Read by Barry J. Northern

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Show Notes

Ken Goldman has had over 535 stories published in the small/independent press since 1993. A selection of these is presented below:

Short Story Collection (Paperback)

You Had Me At ARRGH! : Five Uneasy Pieces by Ken Goldman (Sam’s Dot Publishing/October 2007)

Novella (Paperback, eBook, Kindle)

“Desiree” (Damnation Books/June 2010)

Novelette/Horror Imprint

“POE 103” in Barley Books’ Little Horrors series, UK (October 2000)

Print Magazines 2008-2010

The American publications Tales of The Talisman, Champagne Shivers, Sinister Tales, Shroud, Glutonlump’s Chilling Tales, Golden Visions, Abandoned Towers, Macabre Cadaver, Night to Dawn, and Necrography; the Canadian publication Dark Worlds; and the United Kingdom Publications Garbaj, Morpheus Tales, Aoife’s Kiss, Necrotic Tissue, and Sounds of The Night.

Music provided by Mevio at Music Alley

Hubbles EYES & Violin Fusion by Guardian Mind Mix
Violino by Marco Esu

Sound effects from the Freesound Project

Special thanks to Paul Newman for letting us play the track, Lavondyss, from his new album, Passing Fayre. Check him out at