Friday, 9 July 2010

CM9 The Ghosts' Compact by Norman A. Rubin

All the swampers of the bayou said so when they spoke of the evil tale, a tale of deceit commited by a nefarious judge and his richly deserved punishment!

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Norman lives in Israel, and is a former correspondent for the Continental News Service (USA), now retired. He is busy writing stories and articles for net and magazines worldwide. He simply advises you to google him to find links to his work.

This week's story is once again narrated by the talented Pamila Payne. Check her out at

Most of the music in the episode can be found over at Music Alley.

Spooky piano by Jeff Rosiana
Harmonica Stomp by David Miller
Banjo Tango by Cynthia Sayer
Mississippi River by Antioquia

Text of story copyright 2010, Norman A. Rubin.