Thursday, 17 June 2010

CM8 Legend of La Chusa by Erin Cole

I grew up on a ranch with my father, brother, and grandmom. One hundred acres of pine, sagebrush, and limestone canyon.

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Erin Cole is a writer seeking sanity in her nightmares, crafting fiction under mystery, magic, murder, and mayhem. After obtaining a bachelor’s of science in Psychology, she is currently pursuing publication of her mystery novel, Unearthing Jev, and is drafting the sequel, Wicked Tempest. She's been published in such haunts as Full of Crow, Flashes in the Dark, Negative Suck, and Blink Ink. She blogs at Listen to the Voices

Our narrator this week is the talented Pamila Payne. Pamila is a native Los Angeles writer and narrator and you can find her work at, and her blog at Bella Vista.

You can find more about Angel Zapata's horror poetry at his site, A Rage of Angel

Now, we've a tale to tell you ...