Tuesday, 23 March 2010

CM2 Berserker by Deborah Walker

The forest is a place of light and shadow and some can see the beauty of the contrast . . .

This week's story is another from the anthology, Howl : Tales of the Feral and Infernal, compiled by Lame Goat guest editor, Mark Crittenden, out now on CreateSpace and Amazon.com.

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Today's story is Berserker, by Deborah Walker. After a twenty year period of procrastination, she has started to write short stories and poetry and tweets. She lives in London with her partner Chris and her two lovely, yet distracting, young children. Find her horror stories in Bards and Sages, Champagne Shivers, Innsmouth Free Press, Tweet the Meat, and a number of upcoming anthologies.

Now, we've a tale to tell you . . .

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