Monday, 29 March 2010

CM4 The Stone Goddess by Sean Monaghan

Ben shook dust from his undersuit and keyed the light on. That formation yesterday, at the edge of the valley. He'd dreamed of it, something about an alien visitor . . . Today we're featuring our first science fiction story, and our first from the Lame Goat Press anthology, Horror through the Ages. The anthology is still available at Amazon and CreateSpace, so if you like The Stone Goddess, there's plenty more where that came from.

Today's story is The Stone Goddess by Sean Monaghan. Sean is a New Zealand-based writer who also tutors in creative writing and reviews books.  Sean's stories have appeared in numerous publications both online and in print, including Flashes in the Dark, Takahe, 365 Tomorrows, Antipodean Science Fiction and several Lame Goat Press volumes.  Sean has released a number of albums of ambient music as Venus Vulture.  More information about both his writing and music can be found at his website

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Thursday, 25 March 2010

CM3 Lacerta by Jodi MacArthur

His tongue was hot liquid on her skin. It slid down Ribbon's cheek, her chin, down. Down her collarbone, the curve of cleavage, then, it was gone . . .

Lacerta: "When the lizard goes blind, it looks to the rising sun" -The Medieval Bestiary

Today's story is Lacerta, by Jodi MacArthur; another from Howl: Dark Tales of the Feral and Infernal out now on and CreateSpace.

Jodi MacArthur dreams, writes, and fears wandering squamata ever since a gecko awoke in her pants. She named him Timothy and set him free. Published online and in print, she is currently working on her first novel, Devil's Eye. Visit her website at

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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

CM2 Berserker by Deborah Walker

The forest is a place of light and shadow and some can see the beauty of the contrast . . .

This week's story is another from the anthology, Howl : Tales of the Feral and Infernal, compiled by Lame Goat guest editor, Mark Crittenden, out now on CreateSpace and

Head on over to the forums for a discount code for CreateSpace purchases.

Today's story is Berserker, by Deborah Walker. After a twenty year period of procrastination, she has started to write short stories and poetry and tweets. She lives in London with her partner Chris and her two lovely, yet distracting, young children. Find her horror stories in Bards and Sages, Champagne Shivers, Innsmouth Free Press, Tweet the Meat, and a number of upcoming anthologies.

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Sunday, 21 March 2010

CM1 Their Dark Master by Mark Anthony Crittenden

Victor Vulheim approached the lavishly built house with his intentions hidden in a crocodile skin case . . .

Today's story comes from none other than Mark A. Crittenden, the editor of Howl: Dark Tales of the Feral and Infernal, of which this tale is part. The Howl anthology is now available to buy on

Mark Anthony Crittenden writes from within, the most perilous place a writer can be. His writing credits include: Champagne Shivers 2009 & 2010 issue, Morpheus Tales Flash Fiction Special, Twisted Dreams Jun 2009 issue, Worlds Within, Worlds Beyond Jun 2009 issue, Side Show 2: Tales of the Big Top and the Bizarre, Diamonds in the Rough, and No One Can Hear You Scream.

He blogs at

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